When Nature Calls

Wildlife Waystation is a wonderful organization in the hills north of Los Angeles. They rescue, rehabilitate, release or care for wild animals in need. I sponsor a jaguar named Dustin and my friend Bonnie sponsors a lion named Duchess, so we went up one day to take a tour and visit “our” animals. The Waystation threw a lovely party for the sponsors, with snacks, and demonstrations by some of the tamer animals. Then we went off on the tour.

It’s quite an experience. You’re just a few feet away from some magnificent wild animals. Remember the dozens of lions and tigers that were discovered in a ramshackle camp in Idaho? They’re here. The two orphaned grizzly cubs from Montana? Here. The former circus bear who likes to have a radio outside her pen so she can break into the occasional dance? Yup. Wolves, reptiles, llamas, emus, down to the baby raccoons. Continue reading