Here are a list of non-profits I’m particularly fond of. All worthy causes.

Basset Rescue Network at Daphneyland. I’ve known Dawn Smith for a million years. She has up to 100 hounds (Bassets with a few mixes and other breeds) at her ranch north of Los Angeles. My Stella came from the ranch and we’re proud supporters.

Conservation Ink. CI brings printed materials to the Mongolian National Parks. They have maps and postcards to sell, we get beautiful photos for souvenirs.

Heal the Bay. They educate, they advocate, they’re the best defenders of our beaches and the ocean beyond.

Nature of Wildworks. Mollie Hogan came home from her job at the zoo with two lions when they shut down their education program. Now she takes in wild animals that are injured, or raised as pets. She continues to educate the public while caring for these special animals. I was proud to have Phoenix the mountain lion at my house shortly before he passed away.

TreePeople. They started out planting trees to restore our mountain forests. They moved on to educate children, then adults about conservation.